Why should I schedule online therapy sessions with Dr. Sophia Vincente?

By offering convenient and effective online counseling, Solutions Therapy with Dr. Sophia Vincente (“Dr. Sophia”) gives you convenient scheduling flexibility with options for communication through email messaging, live chat, or phone.

Solutions Therapy with Dr. Sophia is designed specifically to provide the same personal, private and secure, HIPAA compliant therapy experience as an in office visit, but with the convenience and anonymity of an online or phone interface.

What kind of computer or technical equipment do I need to use Solutions Therapy chat session?

One of the following operating systems:

  • Windows version 7, 8, 10
  • Macintosh version OS X 10.7 or newer

One of the following Internet browsers:

  • Chrome version 31 or newer
  • Firefox version 24 or newer
  • Internet Explorer version 9 or newer

Are Solutions Therapy sessions recorded?

No, to ensure privacy and security of data, Solutions Therapy sessions are neither recorded nor stored.

How do live chat sessions work?

You may sometimes want to have a text conversation with Dr. Sophia in real-time. This gives you the convenience and privacy of email messaging, but also allows you to engage in a “live” interaction to receive instant response and feedback from her.

To have a live chat session, you will first need to schedule a time with Dr. Sophia. At the scheduled time, log in to your account and the chat URL to start typing and chatting with Dr. Sophia.

How do phone sessions work?

Phone sessions are a great way to conveniently speak with Dr. Sophia by simply using your landline or cell phone, no matter where you are.

You will first need to schedule a phone session with Dr. Sophia. You will be required to provide your phone number. Dr. Sophia will call you at the scheduled appointment time.

How does email messaging work?

Once you schedule an email session, you may send email messages with questions to Dr. Sophia, from anywhere, using any Internet-connected device at least 24 hours BEFORE the date and time of your “appointment”. Email messaging is not a real-time appointment option. Instead, Dr. Sophia will respond to you before the end of your scheduled appointment window.

Note: Do not submit any sensitive health or personal information through email. While our servers are secured and encrypted to send email, your servers may not be secure and could be vulnerable to hacking.

How is my privacy protected?

Solutions Therapy with Dr. Sophia Vincente is serious about securing your privacy and confidentiality. Our privacy and confidentiality standards are more than what is required by law or regulations, so you can feel safe and comfortable.

  • You don’t need to identify yourself except as stated in next question.
  • Everything you tell Dr. Sophia is protected by strict federal and state laws.
  • We don’t cooperate or work with any insurance companies or employers, so nothing needs to be shared, reported or filed with them.
  • All chat sessions between you and Dr. Sophia are secured and encrypted by banking-grade 256-bit encryption.
  • Our website is hosted with HIPAA Compliant hosting Company, ensuring the best-in-class security and protection with browsing encryption system (SSL) providing world class online security and encryption.

Can I stay anonymous?

When you pay for a session, you will enter your billing name, phone number and an email address where you can receive session confirmation and any correspondence from Dr. Sophia. However, you may choose any “nick name” which will identify you in the system. You are not required to provide Dr. Sophia any personal information that you are uncomfortable with sharing.